Fair Trade Jewelry That Inspires

Moneta Jewelry

At Moneta, jewelry is more than a necklace or a bracelet. Each piece is a story. Each piece is handcrafted to inspire.

Stories of people who are thriving in spite of life’s difficulties imbue each unique piece in this carefully curated collection.

Moneta, in Greek and Roman mythology, is the mother of the muses and the goddess of memory. At Moneta Jewelry story, memory and inspiration weave together to make one-of-a-kind jewelry. Our hope is that the stories contained in these pieces inspire not only you, but also those who tell and create them. These stories are global, they are handcrafted and they are empowering. And now, they can be yours.

Global, Handcrafted & Empowered

Global Moneta Jewelry


Thailand. Cambodia. Chile. Mexico. These areas have suffered deeply from the ravages of war, famine and poverty. Despite circumstances that would bring many to their knees, our artisans choose to create beauty out of chaos by handcrafting jewelry and tenaciously fighting to create a better life for themselves and their families.

Handcrafted Moneta Jewelry


All of our fair trade jewelry is handcrafted by artisans around the world (often from local and recycled materials) using traditional techniques to make jewelry that reflects both modern and classic styles.

Empowered Moneta Jewelry


Moneta’s artisans work under fair trade practices – no matter what. Many are members of the World Fair Trade Organization. They work toward a single, powerful goal: empowerment through a fair wage, acceptable working conditions and self-sufficiency for themselves and their families.

A Word from Our Founder

Janelle Hertzler

Janelle Hertzler

Founder and CEO

After spending eight years in Thailand teaching English, I encountered many powerful stories, and I knew they had to be shared with the world. I founded Moneta so that I can empower artisans around the world to make handcrafted, fair trade jewelry. There are stories of people choosing hope all over the world. As a business, we want to celebrate that.” – Janelle