Tree of Life Necklace

This pendant measures 1.25 inches square and features a hand etched tree of life motif. Made from the glass of recycled wine bottles, it hangs on an adjustable cord. Each etching is unique, much like the shade of the glass, which varies from bottle to bottle. A tree of life necklace is a one-of-a-kind purchase.

$24.99 (+applicable sales tax)


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Meet the Artisan

Marcela, Green Glass Chilegreen glass chile team

One of the many stories that combine to make up Green Glass Chile is that of Marcela Cofre. Marcela, motivated by a need to support her family, began experimenting with different materials. Having taught herself the art of glass working, she created a micro business from her home and has become successful enough to not only support her and her family but over thirty other families as well. Marcela is passionate about giving those who work with her a decent wage and better quality of life. She was one of the initial sponsors behind the inception of Green Glass Chile, passing on to a new generation of young entrepreneurs the same commitment to fair trade and sustainability.