Recycled Glass Earrings

The size of a large drop of the wine that once filled the bottles they came from, these delicate recycled glass earrings vary in color depending on the glass used. The petite studs are hand-polished by Green Glass Chile to glossy perfection.

$14.99 (+applicable sales tax)


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Meet the Artisan

Green Glass Chile (Santiago, Chile)woman working at green glass chile

Green Glass Chile is a small company located in Santiago, Chile, with a big goal: saving the world, one bottle at a time. They focus on reclaiming and upcycling a wide variety of materials, especially glass bottles. Some of their bottles come from local pubs, bars and wineries; and others are retrieved from various dumps and landfills. Once the bottles reach Green Glass, the transformation process begins as they are changed into jewelry, cups and a variety of other items. Green Glass Chile is deeply committed to fair trade practices as well as sustainable and environmentally healing practices.