Multi-Strand Leather Bracelet

This bracelet features rugged styling with wooden, ceramic and glass beads tied into multiple strands of leather. The unisex bracelet also features an adjustable back closure.

$19.95 (+applicable sales tax)


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Meet the Artisan

Artisan Spotlight: Ethnic Lanna (Hmong, Thailand)Ethnic Lanna woman

The Hmong of Thailand are a unique group of people. They live in small villages in mountainous regions in the northern part of the country and trace their roots back to China. Their culture contains a rich tradition of hand crafting, but unfortunately, many in younger generations simply cannot make a sustainable living from this type of work. Enter Ethnic Lanna, a small company that works with over a 100 Hmong women to help sell their creations to the world, while providing them with a fair wage and good working conditions.